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Online Poker Books and Tools Improve Your Game

Unlike 15 years ago, the modern Internet-based poker player has a number of superb online poker tools to choose from to improve their game. In addition to off-line education, there are poker books, video tutorials, forums, software, and chat rooms that can be accessed online to help a player understand the finer points of playing, and consult with others in the community. There are newsgroups such as rec.gambling.poker, and membership websites that can also lend a hand.

Through such portals as Scribd and Google books one can search for and find poker books and other gambling resources that can help you reach a high level of play be it through online sites or traditional casinos. If you are intrepid enough, or just don’t care about the legalities, torrents are available that give you access to a number of downloads of books and software on the subject. You may be gambling in more senses than one if you take this route!

Other tools go beyond poker books that give you access to codes and secrets of certain online poker websites’ coding concepts or structural makeup, which may give you an edge in playing online. This is important for learning how to create a stronger hand, or to give yourself a heads up about the strength of your opponents. The Evergreen poker club, the University of Alberta’s computer poker research group, and other hubs are one source of resources with downloadable codes.

IRC poker, pokernews.com and other forums are good for giving you an starting knowledge about online poker, books and video download resources, and news about the community. Talking about the game with other players in the forums, message boards and groups is a superb way to shorten the learning curve regarding what it takes to become better, or the best in online gambling, and to get an answer on any question you may have about certain websites or tools related to poker.

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