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Secondhand Smoke in Casinos

The last of a dying breed, casinos are one of the few indoor businesses where smoking is still allowed. Faced with threats of employee lawsuits due to second hand smoke, casinos might be forced to pull their ashtrays out of service. Most casinos allow smoking. Gamblers can check an online casino guide to determine the smoking status of a particular casino. Those opting to breathe without coughing can often find nonsmoking sections in most casinos. Nonsmokers claim it’s more of a token than a real smoke-free area due to the smoke drifting over like clouds rolling in during a storm.

At first glance, the idea of extinguishing the last cigarette butt in a casino seems far-fetched. From the glory days of the Rat Pack to iconic scenes in classic films, gambling and smoking just seem to belong together. The subject conjures up images of Dean Martin in Las Vegas dragging on a cigarette, sipping on a scotch, telling a joke, and singing in between puffs.

The image of high rollers raking in stacks of chips while sucking on a cigarette is part of America’s culture. Back in the day, even fashion trends evolved from smoking. Smoking was glamorized through an infamous tight white T-shirt styled with a pack rolled up in the sleeve. Modeled by the likes of heartthrob James Dean, smoking seemed to be sexy.

At some point it seems unavoidable that at least some state operated casinos will eventually nix smoking in exchange for a healthier environment. Some gamblers who smoke might consider traveling to Native American casinos. As sovereign nations, most tribes are not under the thumb of government regulations. They determine their own guidelines.

There is a downside. Some Native American casinos don’t allow alcohol due to its negative impact. That presents another conundrum for smokers who drink when they gamble, or gamblers who smoke when they drink, or drinkers who gamble when they smoke. The best way to keep it all straight is to check the state or local online casino guide to find out what vices are supported at any given casino.

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