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Online gambling – A gambling haven for the Spanish public

Gambling is one of the major passions of the Spanish people. In Europe, the highest proportion of gamblers can be found in Spain. These gamblers have spent on legal gambling an awesome amount of Euro 22.68 billion within the last year and an estimated double this amount has been spent on illegal gambling. The main attractions are the ONCE and El Gordo lotteries which have been very popular with these gamblers and billions have been spent last year on their tickets.

The advent of online gambling due to the influx of hi-tech technology and software has been a godsend for the Spanish gamblers. Whatever restrictions applied to gambling on fruit machines have been further relaxed when it comes to online gambling. Now, it is a gambling haven and even the number of compulsive gamblers will see a tremendous increase in Spain. The phenomenal poker game has found its dream destination in Spain after sojourning Europe for a couple of years. Gambling enthusiasts have taken to it with tremendous enthusiasm and poker has gained popularity in line with Spanish Mus which is a similar type of poker. Poker has attracted players from all strata of society since it calls for great skill and high level of psychological strength while out-foxing one’s competitor.

Each and every gambling enthusiast in Spain would like to emulate their idol, Carlos Mortenson, the poker supremo who won the title of World Poker Champion three years ago. To achieve the same stupendous success of Carlos Mortenson is a dream come true for every budding Spanish gambler and this has also made newcomers to start learning the art of playing poker. The once upon familiar sight of four to six buddies sitting around a table smoking cigars and drinking some beverages has now given way to players from different countries and continents coming together to play online one of the greatest card games. One’s sitting room has been turned into a virtual cigar-smoke filled poker room due to the onslaught of the internet.

Caution is the by-word for every Spanish person who is reputed to look a gift horse in the mouth. There are still doubts regarding the security of the sites offering poker online and that is one of the main reasons why even when countless people are joining and signing up, only a few of them actually indulge in online playing. Once these doubts are dispelled and they become more confident about the security of these poker sites, there is bound to be an upsurge in the number of people who will actively deposit cash and indulge in playing online poker. There are very stringent security measures taken and implemented by most of the online poker sites to ensure that no fraudulent activities can be carried on. Even where players partner with one another and try to ensnare victims, they are tracked and repetitions are deterred. Once the Spanish gambling public is convinced of the secure atmosphere of these online poker sites, they are going to hound those sites and make merry! Watch out gambling world – here comes the Spanish!

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