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Most popular versions of roulette

Betfair zero-margin roulette

Zero-margin roulette from Betfair

When someone says ‘roulette’ most people imagine the spinning wheel and its bouncing ball, heading a table of numbers and colours, stacks of chips and eager gamers all hoping Lady Luck is with them and a big pay-out is right around the corner.

This image is certainly true with the live casino experience, but now you can taste the fun of roulette without even leaving your house.

The Roulette world has boomed over recent years as many gamers young and old swap the journey to the live table for a quiet cuppa and relaxing sit down in front of the computer screen.

There are numerous versions of roulette available online and for many the most popular is either French or American. The one thing that separates the two versions is that American Roulette boasts a double nought on its wheel, while French goes from the usual 0-36.

If you’re a traditionalist then French or American is the perfect Roulette game to get you started. There are double-your-money bets such as Red or Black, 3/1 bets like thirds of the table and even a 36/1 chance if you’re lucky enough to hit a number.

However, there are plenty more popular versions for those who want to explore.

Mini Roulette offers a stripped version of the classic game with numbers 0-12 on the wheel to choose from, while Pinball Roulette is growing in popularity because of the lack of a wheel.

Instead of the age-old spin and ball, in Pinball you must predict where the ball lies on a simulation that transforms the gameplay and increases the excitement. All chances of winning are exactly the same as normal roulette so there’s no need to worry about learning new tricks.

If it’s an enhanced visual experience you’re after then there exists the 3D Roulette that draws you into the casino hall and provides all the atmosphere and tension as though you were actually there live.

Meanwhile, experienced gamers are given the chance to play Premium Roulette where the stakes and potential pay-outs are higher than on other tables.

All in all, roulette remains popular online not simply because of the rewards on offer but also the variations of game, with an aim to entertain every player who joins the wide roulette lovers community.

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